11 Easy-to-Learn Tips For Using Liquid (Shopify’s Template Language)

1. Grant Eagon – Bongo Themes Sometimes you have to hot-fix a live site, but you don’t want to mess up the site for users.  Just dump your data out inside a hidden div to see what’s going on. 2. Charlie Friedemann – Conjectural Technologies It’s an implementation of search autocomplete using Liquid and Javascript, and leverages the SOLR search … Read More

vision11 Easy-to-Learn Tips For Using Liquid (Shopify’s Template Language)

Magento Speed & Your Ecommerce Site

Magento speed is the #1 issue you’re probably suffering with if you run an Ecommerce site. The Magento speed of a site is of the utmost importance for the conversion rate of any e-commerce store. While online merchants may have a number of paying customers each week, they may be losing hundreds more throughout the checkout stage. The number one … Read More

visionMagento Speed & Your Ecommerce Site