11 Easy-to-Learn Tips For Using Liquid (Shopify’s Template Language)

1. Grant Eagon – Bongo Themes Sometimes you have to hot-fix a live site, but you don’t want to mess up the site for users.  Just dump your data out inside a hidden div to see what’s going on. 2. Charlie Friedemann – Conjectural Technologies It’s an implementation of search autocomplete using Liquid and Javascript, and leverages the SOLR search … Read More

vision11 Easy-to-Learn Tips For Using Liquid (Shopify’s Template Language)

Magento Event Driven Programming Tips & Tricks

One of the cool things about Magento from the application architectural point of view is its support for the event driven programming. That is, event – observer system. The whole idea is pretty simple. On one side you have an events getting fired, and on another side you have observers listening for specific events and executing certain logic when specific … Read More

visionMagento Event Driven Programming Tips & Tricks

Magento Speed & Your Ecommerce Site

Magento speed is the #1 issue you’re probably suffering with if you run an Ecommerce site. The Magento speed of a site is of the utmost importance for the conversion rate of any e-commerce store. While online merchants may have a number of paying customers each week, they may be losing hundreds more throughout the checkout stage. The number one … Read More

visionMagento Speed & Your Ecommerce Site

FTP Upload via cURL

FTP hosting is often much cheaper than regular web hosting. The upload with an ftp client is for sure the most common way, but could be a problem for people behind a firewall or without enough rights (capabilities) to install a FTP client. For those a upload via a web form is the best solution. Upload limitations by your web … Read More

visionFTP Upload via cURL

Create PDF documents Online with TCPDF

Why TCPDF and not some other PHP class? TCPDF is based on the FPDF class, a very stable project written for PHP4. Since several years has TCPDF much more features than FPDF and is written for PHP5 (there is also a PHP4 version). The TCPDF has also some great documentation and of course examples for all important PDF jobs like: … Read More

visionCreate PDF documents Online with TCPDF